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Some thought on how and why Gnome classes are what they are and a look at what they could be in the future. Feel Free to add to this with real lore either supporting or disproving my theroys

The Gnomes

If there is one thing the gnomes are without a doubt known for is the pursuit of knowledge. to this end they have lead the way on Azeroth in engineering and sciences. They are responsible for the deep road tram, teleportation (on Azeroth) the alliances tanks, planes, and siege equipment (with some help form the Dwarves). And so this being there sole pursuit has had a tremendous role in what classes they can play. Below are those classes and why i think they are able to be played next will be and which classes they flat out just cannot play and last a class or two they maybe able to play in the future.

Playable Classes

Current Gnome Classes


Every Race has its guards and armies. Those Gnomes without magical talent or without a desire to pursue the magical or who have in interest in the science of the body’s structure take on the Warriors path. From protecting Gnomergan to studying Rage to the science and physics of high speed weapons combat Warrior is no exception to Gnomish Curiosity


Being the Curious race that they are Gnomes naturally would find it fascinating to observe others without being seen and sneak into and out of places others want locked up. Gnome’s small stature and lightning quick minds lend immensely to the business of being a rouge. From the earliest years gnomes play hide and seek and other such hiding games lending to a knack for the subtlety spec. Assassins are part of almost every society and the gnomes are no exception. And those who simply want to get out of a fray quickly and live to tell the tale combat training is a must.


“The humans with their light this and light that all, I want is to learn how to make this wound better” Gnomes hold no real allegiance to the light there brilliant minds and wondrous technology have made believing in the light a chore. That’s not to say there isn’t a science to the light and how it is employed has led to many great Gnome priest but Gnomes tend to gear to the discipline of the mind to overcome obstacles and close wounds with as little “light” as possible. And no study would ever become complete without the study into its opposite the Shadow, a study that quite a few gnomes have become very good at.


Gnomes were no exeption to the Lich Kings Army of Deathknights


The Study of the Arcane is a major school in most all races of Azeroth but expecially for the Gnomes. The study of the magic is still an on going work for the gnomes who drive deeper into the vast possibilities of the arcane, the application possibilities of the fire nexus and the simply productivity of frost. Of all the Classes none it would seem are as benificall in the labritory as a mage from heating steel, to flash freezing subjects, to levitating items and tools for tinkering the Gnome take the mage out of the mystical and to the practical


Curiosity killed the cat but for the gnome its irresistible to delve into the forbidden and unknown. By its very nature being a warlock means taking on the risk of higher knowledge, knowledge into the unseen parts of the twisted nether, the study of fel energy, and the demons. If the effort of years of study in a mage class room is boring to you use curses that kill just as well, the study of demons is a dangerous but useful subject, having free help around the lab or a guard on those outdoors errands is always useful and for those combining the shadow with elemental fire the warlocks destructive arts leave fields of carnage wondrous to behold

Unplayable Classes

Classes that cant be played and probley wont be able to


If there is one field of study the gnomes don’t aspire to is the study of nature. In the eyes of the gnome living creatures ad very little if anything to their science techno driven society and besides using them for quality control messing with all that mystical nightelf mumbo jumbo to become a mindless beast is a waste of time and beneath any self-respecting gnome.


There is no greater polluter on the surface of Azeroth than the gnome. There tinkering marvels and experiments are done with little to no waste disposal in mind other than get that radioactive stuff out of the lab. The fact that there is mystical trances and ritual this and that doesn’t help the shaman gnome’s case. And if that’s not enough even if a gnome aspires to the study of the elements the elements don’t aspire to the gnomes for all the pollution they have done.


For the Gnome the Paladin is no more than a light wielding zelot brute and cares little for its study its the same light the priest use exept for all the oaths and trials.

Future Classes


The hunter Gnome has a mixed future. the aspect of beast mastery is of little use in gnome society since nature isnt important. marksman is a saving grace for the gnome. the Gnomes have sharp shooters and that would fall under marksman hunter. the kicker is the surrvial Gnome the use of traps to combat enemys and using explosives in there bullets and arrows makes a case for the Gnomish Hunter

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